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1 Head Compact 

U-1501C Compact

If you're looking for the best commercial embroidery machine, with beautiful stitch quality and tons of time-saving features, you've found it. The U-1501C Compact has everything you could want, whether you're just starting a new home-based commercial embroidery business, or a pro with a well-established business. With the large

multi-tasking touch-screen control panel, extra-large sewing field, continuous sewing speed of 1200 stitches per minute, and huge stitch/design memory (all features that cannot be touched by most other brands)

UltraStitch Standard Features


  • Suitable to Embroider Flat, Caps and

  • Finished Garments

  • Embroidery field size (19" x 14") inches

  • Wide Cap System

  • Built in Monogramming and Lettering Fonts *Touch-screen Control Panel 10" Color LCD *100 Million Stitch Memory Capacity

  • 800 Design memory

  • Automatic Thread Trimming

  • Automatic Color Change

  • Automatic Thread Break Detection

  • Super Quiet - perfect for home or retail use *Laser Light for design tracing

  • One-touch design trace

  • 110v single phase power (standard wall plug) *Memory Retention after Shut Down

  • Sturdy Machine Construction

  • 15 needle

  • Network capability

UltraStitch Extra Features
UL-1501XL Embroidery Machine 

The Ultra Stitch Compact UL-1501XL has everything you need to handle just about any embroidery job. The huge stitch field allows embroidering designs up to 31 inches wide! And the extralarge table makes it easy to embroiderlarge or bulky materials, such as coats, jackets, horse blankets, and more. With the large multitasking touch-screen control panel, extralarge sewing field, and continuous sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute, this machine can do it all.

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