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Multihead Commercial Embroidery Machines

2, 3 & 4 Head 

The new UltraStitch UL-1502 2 Head 15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machines. This machine is  ideal for small businesses whose focus is personalization and promotions.The UL-1503 3 Head and The UL-1504 4 Head These models are Ideal for businesses whose focas is on high production and the needs continuous production. Not only perform on conventional flat surfaces (fabrics, towels, blankets, and unassembled clothing pieces) you can also embroider beautiful designs in hats, t-shirts, jackets and other garments. These machines run 24 hours a day.

Multihead Commercial Embroidery Machines
UltraStitch Standard Features
  • Suitable to Embroider Flat, Caps and Finished Garments

  • Embroidery field size (19" x 14") inches

  • Wide Cap System *Built in Monogramming and Lettering Fonts

  • Touchscreen Control Panel 10" Color LCD

  • 100 Million Stitch Memory Capacity

  • 800 Design memory

  • Automatic Thread Trimming

  • Automatic Color Change

  • Automatic Thread Break Detection

  • Super Quiet-perfect for home or retail use

  • Laser Light for design tracing

  • One-touch design trace

  • 110v singlephase power (standard wall plug)

  • Memory Retention after Shut Down

  • Sturdy Machine Construction

  • 15 needle

  • Network capability


Full color touch screen control panel - makes it so simple to use!

  • 28 on board fonts for easy monogramming and lettering projects

  • HUGE design memory on board -800 designs or 100 million stitches

  • 10.1" Full color, high resolution touch screen interface

  • USB Port - Convenient design load FAST design load - saves production time

  • Network Ready -load designs from anywhere

  • Maximum speed 1200 SPM Thread break detection

  • Control precision - min. controllable stitch intervals is.1mm

  • Wide Cap Frame -270 degree Quiet Operation! - quieter than our previous model

  • Real time stitching preview

  • Pinpoint laser for perfect embroidery positioning

  • Extended light - so you can see what you're sewingers, that works well on almost every site.

UltraStitch Extra Features
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